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Rogue's Gallery
Primarch Harry Scarr
First up is the patriarch of the The Dark Artisan universe, Harry.  He eats, sleeps and breathes all things hobby and has a knack for pulling a game back from the edge. At what seems like 10foot tall, a gental giant that loves to help but on the table top will crush all who dare to challenge him!!
Glitter Knight Lucy Child
The power behind the Primarch, Lucy, always busy painting and helping with reports. While not often seen, is the quiet and sweet voice in the background, then the dice rolls! A patient and methodical player, challenge her to a battle and prepare to get your behind handed to you, she does not need luck, she is Lady Luck!
Commander Ian Minto
Now Ian is probably the conversation King but also a bit of a heratic.  Not only aligned with the Dark Angels that are border-line heratics he also loves his Nurgle, his conversions are legendary and he is not to bad on the table top, but dont anger him as his beard will power up and 6's shall roll like fresh blood flowing!!!
Chief Tech Priest Craig Gardiner
A confusing figure torn between the noble Blood Angels and the evil Tyranids, Craig fights hard every game.  No matter win or lose, the table top is his favorite place.  Laid back game play, but dont be fooled as the next roll could end it all!
Shas'O Dunn - Steven Dunn
Steven, another soul torn between Blood Angels and the Xenos that is T'au.  An unconventional player that likes to try "outside the box" army lists.  But do not be fooled, a good player, that will stop at nothing to secure victory!
Commisar Ali
An Imperium man through and through.  Ali likes nothing more than breaking out his Baneblades and crushing all who challenge.  His favorite saying is "drive me closer so I can hit them with my sword"
Death Jester Olii
A man that loves the game but his main love are Harlequins.  Oli loves nothing more than painting his army ready to dish out death and destruction with mischief in his heart and an evil grin on his face!